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Have questions about AlgaeCal’s research, our novel plant-based ingredients, or the logistics of our HCP program? We've put together answers to common questions below. For more details, be sure to check our product pages and reach out to our Functional Medical Team for personal assistance.

Product Questions

HCP Program Questions

AlgaeCal Plus

  • Why is bone loss such a problem?

    After age 40, people tend to lose 1% of their bone density each year. Women typically lose even more in the 5 years following menopause — so it is possible for them to lose fully half of their peak bone density. For those over age 50 (women and men), 80% of broken bones are caused by bone loss. The Bone Health & Osteoporosis Foundation estimates that 1 in 2 women and 1 in 4 men in that age group will suffer an osteoporosis fracture.

  • What is AlgaeCal Plus and how is your foundational raw ingredient sourced?

    AlgaeCal is a South American marine algae species, Lithothamnium superpositum. This kiwi-fruit sized algae is sustainably hand harvested in the Atlantic ocean, sun dried, then milled into a powder. There is no extraction process or additives used – just pure whole food calcium and minerals coming from a living plant.

    AlgaeCal powder is the foundational ingredient in our products, AlgaeCal and AlgaeCal Plus. AlgaeCal powder contains 13 known essential bone supporting minerals: calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, nickel, silica, copper, vanadium, potassium, zinc, boron, selenium, and strontium. The superfood mineral combination naturally found in AlgaeCal has been clinically supported to increase bone density in adults.

  • I already recommend a calcium supplement to patients. Is AlgaeCal really different?

    Yes. Traditional calcium supplements — even those with added vitamin D — only slow annual bone loss a little. Studies often compare calcium supplements with a placebo and inaccurately call this an increase in BMD. In reality, the increase is relative to the placebo which is losing bone. The real effect in nearly all calcium-supplement studies is to slow annual bone loss by a small amount.

    AlgaeCal Plus increases bone mineral density outright in older adults. And the results are even better when integrated with Strontium Boost (see below). Human intervention studies show annual increases of 1% or more in 65-year-olds. And a 7-year study indicates these gains are linear, continuing year after year.

  • Is AlgaeCal Plus safe? Are there any cardiovascular concerns?

    AlgaeCal Plus has been shown to be safe with no added cardiovascular risk in three human intervention studies where a panel of blood tests was measured.

    Some studies of traditional calcium supplements used up to 1200 mg with no supporting minerals. AlgaeCal’s daily dosage is just 720 mg, allowing diet to supply the remainder. Our AlgaeCal Plus formula provides vitamin K2 (MK-7), which helps steer calcium deposition toward bone, rather than soft tissues such as arteries.

    Unlike traditional, rock-derived calcium supplements, AlgaeCal does not cause adverse side effects such as kidney stones or arterial calcification. AlgaeCal is a natural, plant-sourced calcium that is easy to absorb, similar to calcium from eating vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and peas. Some studies have shown that calcium from food sources does not increase soft tissue calcification because these foods also supply other minerals, which help transfer the calcium directly into bones rather than soft tissues like arteries, kidneys, and eyes.

    Additional magnesium and boron plus vitamins K2 (MK-7) and D3 are added to AlgaeCal Plus to optimize absorption and transport calcium to the bone rather than soft tissues. All of these factors translate to efficient absorption and placement into bone tissue.

    AlgaeCal is also safer as it is more effective at a lower dose. At 720 mg per day of calcium, AlgaeCal Plus is increasing bone density in adults. Compare that to regular calcium supplements that have been studied at 1200 mg per day, yet only slow bone loss.

  • What is the recommended dosage for AlgaeCal Plus?

    To maximize bone-building, take 4 capsules of AlgaeCal Plus per day. (This was the dosage that led to the most significant bone-density increases in clinical trials).

    We recommend splitting the daily 4 capsule dose into 2 servings of 2 capsules throughout the day, as our bodies can only absorb 500 mg of calcium at a time. Please advise patients to take AlgaeCal Plus with food for best absorption.

  • Is AlgaeCal Plus tested for contaminants such as heavy metals, including lead?

    As many plants can contain trace amounts of lead, every lot of AlgaeCal is tested for heavy metals, bacteria, molds, and more to ensure safety. A daily dose of AlgaeCal Plus is well under the US Pharmacopeia (USP) safety standards of 5 mcg lead per day and the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) of under 6 mcg per day. Certificates of analyses are available upon request. AlgaeCal Plus is made in an FDA-inspected, GMP-certified facility where the highest standards are maintained.

  • Is the AlgaeCal powder considered a whole food supplement?

    Yes. Although the raw algae are ground into a powder, the whole nutrient profile remains intact. The calcium in AlgaeCal is not extracted or isolated from the algae. In fact, on the permit issued to us by Health Canada, they classify AlgaeCal’s source material as “whole”.

  • How were the three human clinical studies on AlgaeCal conducted?

    After promising in-vitro results and hundreds of user testimonials, the AlgaeCal team knew they were onto something. Substantiating these results required a significant research investment, which AlgaeCal’s owner decided to make although he couldn’t be sure of the outcome.

    A third-party research organization was employed to independently conduct these studies. The results were subject to peer review before being published in respected publications. Scrutiny is especially high for landmark results, such as those found in these studies. Nonetheless, the level of evidence was considered so strong that the most recent 7-year study won the Charles A. Ragus Award for Best Original Research Paper of 2016 as presented by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition (JACN).

  • Is AlgaeCal Heat Sensitive?

    All AlgaeCal products undergo stability testing where they are exposed to a variety of environmental factors such as light, humidity, and extreme temperatures to establish their shelf life. There is no cause for concern when it comes to temperatures found in our product warehouse, during shipping to you, or in your practice.

Strontium Boost

  • What is Strontium?

    Strontium is a mineral that is naturally found in the earth, in food, and in bones. Strontium Boost contains the mineral strontium bound to citrate (i.e., citric acid from fruit) to form (natural) strontium citrate.

  • How is Strontium Boost beneficial for bone health?

    Strontium citrate has been shown to both increase osteoblast (bone-building cell) activity and modulate osteoclast (bone-clearing cell) maturation. Strontium primarily deposits in the spongy part of newly forming bone (trabecular bone), which 1) improves the mineralization and formation of healthy bone crystals; 2) makes them more stable and resistant to compression damage; and 3) increases the number of bone-forming sites resulting in reduced fracture risk.

  • How does AlgaeCal Strontium Boost differ from other brands of natural strontium citrate?

    Strontium Boost is the only strontium citrate product backed by human clinical studies showing its safety and efficacy when it comes to low bone density. We’re so confident that we guarantee your patients will see an increase in bone density when using Strontium Boost, together with AlgaeCal Plus, for at least 12 months. See guarantee details.

  • Are there any contraindications for strontium?

    Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) should avoid strontium or be monitored carefully. Since the mineral is eliminated by the kidneys, it may accumulate in CKD patients or others whose blood-filtering capabilities are compromised.

  • Is strontium safe? I’ve heard it’s not approved in the U.S. or Canada.

    Some confusion exists due to a pharmaceutical product called strontium ranelate. This synthetic form used significantly higher doses of strontium and combined the mineral with ranelic acid. While the drug showed positive effects on bone health, it produced some undesirable side effects. Strontium ranelate’s use is now limited in Europe and the drug has never been approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration or Health Canada.

    Strontium citrate, the form in Strontium Boost, has an excellent safety record. In more than 100 years of research (including recent human studies), no adverse effects have been reported for a natural, stable strontium salt, as long as it’s taken with adequate calcium. Independent of any increase in bone density, strontium citrate strengthens bones safely and naturally with no adverse side effects. For more details, see our blog article: The Misunderstood Mineral: How Strontium Safety Builds Bones (and Makes Them Stronger).

  • How can I learn more about the strontium?

    Our Functional Medicine Team offers personalized training on the latest bone-health research, including that of calcium, strontium, and other bone-healthy minerals. Contact our team here.

    For an overview of strontium, see our blog article, The Misunderstood Mineral: How Strontium Safely Builds Bones (and Makes Them Stronger). You can also view our research page for summaries and links to the 3 clinical studies supporting the efficacy and safety of AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost


  • Does AlgaeCal improve bone mineral density? When should I be recommending this?

    Real increases in bone mineral density, related to AlgaeCal, have been shown in women over age 40. This is certainly preferred over merely slowing down bone loss. However, the increase takes longer and is not as great as the recommended combination of AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost.

    AlgaeCal Plus contains vitamin K2, which is contraindicated for those taking older classes of anticoagulant prescriptions. Two newer types of blood thinners, XA Inhibitors and Direct Thrombin Inhibitors, don’t interact with vitamin K. However, for those unable to switch, we recommend AlgaeCal as the best option.

  • What’s the recommended dosage for AlgaeCal Basic?

    For the greatest bone-health benefits, patients should take 3 AlgaeCal capsules a day. That’s the dose used by clinical study participants who saw small increases in their bone density after one year.

    We recommend splitting the daily 3 capsule dose into 3 servings throughout the day. And it’s best to take AlgaeCal with food for better absorption.

Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil

  • What’s the amount of EPA & DHA available per serving in Triple Power fish oil?

    One serving contains 750 mg of EPA and 450 mg of DHA for a total of 1,200 mg of pharmaceutical-grade EPA & DHA in triglyceride form per tablespoon.

  • Why does your fish oil contain both curcumin and astaxanthin?

    Curcumin and astaxanthin help prevent oxidation and preserve the freshness of our fish oil, while delivering powerful antioxidant support. Curcumin modulates cytokine balance and astaxanthin addresses oxidative stress.

  • What types of fish are used in Triple Power? Does it contain heavy metals and other contaminants?

    Triple Power uses only fresh, wild anchovies, sardines, and mackerel from local, small fisheries in the cold Pacific waters near Peru. Each of these fish has significant amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and lower heavy metals and toxins compared to larger fish that are higher up on the food chain.

    Further, we distill the fresh fish, which produces an ultra-pure, refined oil with virtually NO contaminants. Many women are justifiably concerned about mercury and toxins in fish, especially during pregnancy. For this reason, molecularly distilled and purified fish oil like Triple Power is the safest source of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These omega-3 fatty acids are highly beneficial and even suggested during pregnancy for the health of the mother and baby.

  • Does Triple Power taste fishy? How is it sweetened?

    While standard fish oils may cause burping, bad breath, and a fishy aftertaste, Triple Power has not been shown to cause any negative effects. It’s naturally flavored with mango and sweetened with xylitol (a natural fruit sugar) so patients will want to take their fish oil every day.

    For those who find the taste too sweet, we recommend mixing Triple Power with food or liquids like natural Greek yogurt or smoothies. We just don’t recommend hot liquids, as they may alter or denature the product.

  • Why is Triple Power offered only in liquid form? Is there an advantage over other forms?

    Triple Power is in a liquid emulsion. Such emulsions have been shown to be 300% better absorbed than standard fish oil capsules. This form is also less prone to oxidation and is digested and metabolized more quickly and completely than standard fish oil capsules.

  • What else do you do to prevent your fish oil from oxidizing?

    Each bottle of our fish oil is nitrogen flushed to remove all oxygen. We also assess peroxide, TOTOX, and anisidine values – a history of the oil and not just its current state – to ensure that the oil was never rancid. (Certificate of analysis available indicating peroxide, TOTOX, as well as anisidine available upon request.)

  • Is one bottle of Triple Power a 1-month supply?

    One bottle is a 29-day supply in doses of 1 tablespoon per day. For those looking to increase blood omega-3 levels with a double dose, one bottle will last approximately 14 days.

OmegaQuant Omega-3 Blood Test Kit

  • What are the benefits of an Omega-3 Blood Test Kit?

    OmegaQuant is a simple, at-home blood test kit that allows your patients to test their blood omega-3 levels. Red blood cell levels of omega 3s are representative of the levels found in the brain and heart, and low levels are linked to disease and early death. Testing allows patients to supplement accordingly with the amount of omega-3 fatty acids optimal for them. Learn more about this test here.

  • HCP Program Overview

  • What is AlgaeCal’s Health Care Professional (HCP) program and why do you offer it?

    More patients take supplements regularly to boost their nutritional intake. Your patients trust your knowledge and experience to help them select the quality products most essential for their health.

    AlgaeCal recognizes the enormous value you provide. That’s why we offer qualified HCPs wholesale pricing on our entire product line. When patients purchase their AlgaeCal products through your practice, you can better monitor their progress, adjust their treatment plan, and provide the complete care they expect.

    Apply for an AlgaeCal HCP Account today to offer your patients clinically supported bone-health products directly in your practice. If you have any questions, contact our Functional Medicine Team.

  • Shipping

  • Where does my order ship from?
    US and International orders ship from Wisconsin, USA. Canadian orders are shipped from Ontario, CAN
  • When will I receive my order and how is it shipped?
    US orders are delivered within 3-7 business days. Canadian orders are delivered within 2-7 business days
  • Where can I find the price on the packing slip?

    You will not find a price on the packing slip as it only contains a list of goods contained in the package. Your invoice is delivered by email and will show the order price and total.

  • Does AlgaeCal charge shipping?

    AlgaeCal provides free shipping on orders destined for the US and Canada. International orders are subject to a flat fee of $165.00 (USD).

  • Account Support

  • How can I contact Clinical Support for ordering, website use, or other questions?

    You can email us at [email protected] or call us from USA and Canada toll free: 1-844-618-1700.

  • How can I get more details on AlgaeCal products and the research behind them?

    For summaries and links to the 3 clinical studies supporting the efficacy and safety of AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost, view our research page. Be sure to check out our bone-health blog for insightful articles exploring nutrition, exercise, and other factors related to healthy bones.

    Our Functional Medicine Team offers personalized training on the latest bone-health research, including detailed explanations of how calcium, strontium, and other nutrients support healthy bones. To request a meeting with one of our Functional Medical Consultants or submit a question, see our contact page.

Currency, Payment, and Purchasing

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Debit Visa, Debit Mastercard, PayPal, money orders, and checks. If you are interested in paying with money orders, or by check, please call us toll free at: 1-844-618-1700.

  • Why won’t my credit card payment go through?

    Banks have automated systems in place to determine whether or not to accept charges. Factors include card information like expiration date, account balance, or spending habits (such as if you rarely purchase online). Since we don’t receive information as to why your card may have been declined, we recommend calling your bank or credit card company to alert them to your planned change and try again. You can also use a different credit card to place your order or call our team in the USA and Canada toll free at: 1-844-618-1700.

  • Can I pay with Canadian dollars or other currencies?

    We’re currently able to accept U.S. dollars (USD) and Canadian dollars (CAD). The conversion rate for Canadian dollars is calculated against US dollars using the Bloomberg currency exchange. It’s updated once daily to make sure you’re getting the latest exchange rate.

    If your preferred currency is not automatically selected, scroll to the bottom of any page of the website, click the three-letter currency code (USD or CAD) next to the flag, then choose a currency from the pop-up menu.

Returns and Refunds

  • How do I return my order?

    AlgaeCal wants you to be completely satisfied with your experience, so we have made returning or exchanging products easy. Simply contact us to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and return your unused bottles of AlgaeCal products for a 100% refund within 1 year from your purchase date. Contact us.

  • How can AlgaeCal guarantee an increase in bone density?

    Given every patient’s unique situation, no one modality can be expected to work for everyone. Yet, consistent results for over two decades give our team the confidence to take on all of the financial risk.

    As long as your patients purchase AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost directly from you and use them per protocol (4 caps daily of AP and 2 caps daily SB), we guarantee bone density increases after one year, no matter what medical condition they are presenting. If not, we’ll refund your patient directly for the full price they paid you for their products.

    We offer this unique guarantee to provide you and your patients assurance and ultimately support our overall mission to end the fear of bone loss.