Only One Calcium Increases Bone Density
Researchers call it a novel, plant-based calcium. Patients call it life changing. And you'll call it your formulary's go-to product to help those at risk for bone loss.
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The AlgaeCal Difference
Mother Nature's Answer to Bone Loss

Harvested off the coast of South America, our red marine algae is naturally rich in calcium -- plus a bounty of other trace minerals. We’ve identified 12 that are essential to support bone health and remodeling.

Better Bone-Health Outcomes
Bone Loss Accompanies Aging

By age 40, people lose an average of 1% bone mineral density (BMD) per year with no intervention (bottom orange line). Menopause, hormone disorders, diseases, and medications can expidite the loss.

Calcium Alone Can’t Stop Bone Loss

Traditional calcium supplements, even with vitamin D, only slow annual bone loss according to meta-analysis (middle blue line). While calcium studies often tout gains compared to a placebo, patients can still expect to lose bone over time.

Only AlgaeCal Increases Bone Density

Two studies of AlgaeCal formulas show outright BMD gains — between 1.3% to 4.1% per year. A third 7-year study confirmed annualized, linear increases of over 1% per year when using AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost (upper green line). That’s a 14% swing compared to typical bone loss. See the Research

Innovators at the Forefront of Bone-health Research

Algecal's Scientific Advisory Board includes doctors, authors, and other experts.

Based on the most current research, studies, and results, they reject traditional thinking on the inevitability of bone loss.

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Are you seeking a calcium protocol that improves the outcome of patients with low bone density?

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Offer AlgaeCal Directly to Patients

AlgaeCal’s singular focus on bone health, backed by research, has provided real results for 90,000 people and counting.

Now, you can share this natural, effective approach with patients and take advantage of generous health care practitioner pricing and other resources to benefit your practice.

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Improved Bone Density or It’s Free!

Your patients can try AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost for an entire year or more risk free. If they don’t see an improvement in spine or femur BMD between DEXA scans, we’ll refund their entire product cost.

How can we afford to take all of the financial risk? We are that confident because we have seen exceptional results over and over and expect our protocol to work for your patients.

Which AlgaeCal is Right For Your Patients?
AlgaeCal bone health products have helped tens of thousands and earned the trust of medical professionals.
A bottle of AlgaeCal Plus
AlgaeCal Plus
Clinically Supported to Increase Bone Mineral Density

AlgaeCal Plus naturally contains 13 minerals essential for bone health. Plus, we add additional magnesium and boron, along with vitamins D3, K2 and C, in amounts found most effective based on our clinical trials.

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A bottle of Strontium Boost
Strontium Boost
Increased the Bone-Building Effects by 3X in Clinical Studies

The common element strontium has shown promising results on bone architecture and strength. When combined with AlgaeCal, subjects achieved results 3 times as fast.

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A bottle of Triple Power Fish Oil
Triple Power Fish Oil
Supports Overall Cellular Health, Including that of Bones

Our unique mango-flavored liquid delivers 1200 mg of EPA and DHA, plus curcumin and astaxanthin for additional support. Our formula is emulsified to provide up to 300% better absorption than capsules or gelcaps.

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